In January 2017, Spiceworks, a leader in IT research, released a study on the different ways businesses are impacted by internet disruptions. A total of 201 respondents from companies of all sizes in a variety of industries took part. Here’s what they found:

79% of organizations indicate that Internet disruptions are either “crippling,” “excruciating” or “painful.”

On average, disruptions take a full business day to be resolved, and it typically takes longer for disruptions outside the network.

92% of respondents are worried about the impact of a major Internet disruption hitting their business in the next six (6) months.

  • Extremely concerned – 10%
  • Very concerned – 20%
  • Concerned – 27%
  • Somewhat concerned – 34%

The largest impact of disruptions on organizations is increased customer support calls and cost of time/resources.

These negative experiences help confirm that managing Internet performance is about the impact that disruptions have on the end-user experience, both customers and employees alike.

  • Increased customer support calls – 45%
  • Cost – time/resources – 45%
  • Reduced employee productivity – 40%
  • Decreased customer satisfaction – 36%
  • Loss of revenue – 32%
  • Exposure to security risks – 29%
  • Loss of new business – 22%
  • Bad publicity – damage to reputation – 21%
  • Loss of business to competitors – 19%
  • Loss of existing customers – 18%
  • Decreased stock value – 12%

The Primary Concerns of Respondents About Internet Disruptions: 

Information Loss

  • The risk of losing data.
  • Risk of losing access to cloud hosting applications.
  • Data integrity.
  • Losing emails without disaster recovery in Philadelphia and other locations.
  • The digital information stored on the network.

Repeating Issue

  • Lack of root cause analysis, leaving us vulnerable to repeat incidents.
  • When will the next one be?
  • How can we resolve it quicker and ensure it does not repeat?

Financial Impact

  • How much will the company lose in overall revenue?
  • The company might lose money.
  • Loss of revenue and jobs without the business IT support we need.
  • Losing our business.

Downtime Stress

  • How long it takes to get the website back.
  • I have to give more time to the office.
  • Time to recover.
  • Long delay in returning to functionality.

Reputational Damage

  • Loss of customer confidence.
  • Loss of customers, reputational damage.
  • Client impact.
  • Customer satisfaction and meeting SLAs.
  • Loss of brand reputation.


  • Being hacked.
  • Breach of information.
  • Cyberattacks.
  • DDos attacks.
  • Outside attacks.
  • All organizations are taking steps to safeguard their network and end-users against Internet volatility.

 Top 5 Approaches to Digital Resilience

    • Relying on IT support services for network monitoring and maintenance – 44% 
    • Enforcing end-users policies – 44%
    • Restricting user permissions/actions – 42%
    • Using network design services to improve IT infrastructure – 41%
  • Learning about new types of threats/risks – 40% 

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SOURCE: 2017 Internet Disruption Study, Spiceworks