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Is your network impeding the performance of your employees and slowing down business operations? Are you looking for instant support to improve productivity and decrease downtime? Meet the team at Shock I.T. Support that can resolve any tech issue you’re having to keep your business running efficiently.

Scott Fcasni – President

With over 10 years of experience as an I.T. specialist, Scott Fcasni oversees all Shock I.T. Support business operations. As a managed services and IT support professional, Scott has worked with startups as well as Fortune 100 businesses, advancing their IT solutions and creating a network infrastructure that keeps businesses connected. Throughout his career, Scott has gone above and beyond to emphasize superb customer service, resulting in a clientbase that continues to grow rapidly. His leadership has helped the Shock I.T. Support team provide businesses with the tech solutions they need to survive and thrive in today’s dynamic business climate. 

In his free time, Scott enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and two kids at their home in New Jersey.

Keith Eames – Director of Technical Operations

Keith started his tech career in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. Before joining the Shock I.T. Support management team, Keith independently managed I.T. operations in-house for a medium size pharmaceutical company. Since jumping ship, he’s demonstrated his ability to manage I.T. services for a wide range of industries, and he now manages more than 30 companies’ I.T. departments. Keith has proven that he has the know-how to handle virtually any tech issue imaginable.

Keith loves his job, but he also enjoys finding new adventures outside of the workplace. He loves hiking and exploring trails to ride on his mountain bike. 

Sam Maugans – Director of Data Comm Operations

Sam Maugans started his career in the healthcare industry, managing four different medical companies. He then took on the role of Operations Manager for a small company in Landsdale, PA that made battery terminals for orbiting satellites. From there, Sam took his talents to his current place here at Shock I.T. Support.

Outside of work, Sam volunteers his time to help others. For five years, he served on the Board of Directors for the Breathing Room Foundation, an organization that aims to help those affected by cancer, where he later became President and served another five years. During that time, he was honored with a Jefferson Award for Public Service.