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Network Monitoring in New Jersey & Philadelphia – Don’t Leave Your Company’s Security to Chance

If you want to focus on more important parts of your business and leave network monitoring to the professionals, Shock I.T. Support can give you the peace of mind you deserve. As experts in the cyber security field, we know the best monitoring strategies and can implement them quickly and effectively for immediate results.

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Cybercrime is a serious problem for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From malware to hacking, there are far too many ways for criminals to access the information your company wants to protect.

The risks associated with cyber crime can be damaging from many different perspectives. Financial losses and compromised reputations are a main focus for many companies – and for good reason! – but this isn’t looking at the whole epicure of what attacks can do. For small businesses, a single cyber-attack can mean closed doors for good: 60% of small businesses close within six months of a cybersecurity breach. This means that inadequate network protection can actually threaten the health and wellness of your company.

If cybersecurity isn’t your specialty or you’re not sure what measures are most effective, that’s okay. Instead of worrying about mastering a complex and every-changing industry, let Shock I.T. Support do the hard part for you. We’re experts in network monitoring and all cybersecurity services, providing the best in cutting-edge strategies to keep you as protected as possible. Whether you’re a small startup with limited web-based services or a larger corporation with sophisticated security needs, we can do whatever it takes to keep your Philadelphia or New Jersey business safe from attack.

What Is Network Monitoring?

As business activity becomes increasingly cloud-based, worldwide rate of cybercrime today is higher than ever before. From high profile attacks on companies like Target and Equifax to smaller scale breaches designed to take down individual companies and networks, no company is safe.

This sounds scary, and to some degree it is. With the possibility for serious ramifications, staying safe is of the utmost importance. However, cyber attacks don’t usually come out of nowhere. There are signs present that cybersecurity experts can identify by reviewing and analyzing security logs as well as employing other screening techniques. By watching for telltale signs through cybersecurity monitoring, security professionals can prepare to take proactive steps to eliminate or minimize the effects of attacks.

Ongoing monitoring provides many benefits to company management and employees, including:

  • Reduced risk of loss due to cyber-attacks
  • Detection of a wider range of threats
  • Minimal in-house staff involved in the development and implementation of security protocols and procedures
  • Compliance with industry regulations for companies operating in spaces like financial services or healthcare
  • A lower Mean-Time-to-Detect (MTTD), or the average amount of time in which companies can detect and address cyber-threats

Comprehensive Network Monitoring Services

As the world of cybersecurity and the tactics used by cyber-criminals continue to change and evolve, network monitoring is now more important than ever before. However, appropriate security monitoring isn’t always easy to implement for companies with limited resources. Security monitoring tools, like software programs intended to analyze activity, often generate a large number of alerts and require a significant amount of time and expertise to sift through legitimate threats from normal activity.

A Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) is often the best way to manage data organization and analysis, but establishing a resource of this caliber isn’t always a good use of time or money. These services require a lot of capital to establish and even more to keep your operations staffed and up to data.

With managed network monitoring services, however, you can get all of the advantages without any of the overhead expenses.

Our Network Monitoring Services Include:

  • A 24/7 Joint CSOC that guarantees management of all security logs and activity around the clock
  • Detailed security reports about any changes or red flags you may need to know about
  • Detailed compliance reports for companies that must report to a regulatory or licensing body
  • Router and switch monitoring to identify things like packet loss
  • Firewalls monitoring to track firewall processing speed and the transfer of data
  • Consistent monitoring of security logs as well as comprehensive log storage for easy access to historical records
  • Network intrusion monitoring to prevent unwanted access to your networks
  • Anti-virus gateway monitoring to confirm that antivirus software isn’t serving as a back door for intruders.
  • Data loss protection services to keep employees from inadvertently sending out confidential or sensitive data
  • Web URL filtering to keep employees off of dangerous or inappropriate sites
  • Application control to confirm that workers are only using eligible or trusted applications across all devices

With so many services available, it can be hard to know what you need. Luckily, that’s where we come in. At Shock I.T. Support, we can help you put together an affordable package that meets all of your security monitoring requirements. We will work with you to evaluate your risk tolerance, highlight the most important or relevant features, and partner with you to curate a custom plan that is perfect for what you need.

If you want to focus on more important parts of your business and leave network monitoring to our cybersecurity professionals. Shock I.T. Support can give you the peace of mind you deserve. As experts in the cybersecurity field, we know the best monitoring strategies and can implement them quickly and effectively for immediate results. Get in touch with us today to learn more.