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BYOD Management in New Jersey & Philadelphia – Give Your Remote Workforce the Tools and Security They Need

BYOD management can be a vital part of encouraging flexibility and increased functionality for your workforce, allowing for access anywhere, any time. No matter what you want from your BYOD policy, Shock I.T. Support can help you get there. From consultations to hands-on management, there’s nothing we can’t do to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more about what our experts have to offer your New Jersey or Philadelphia business.

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In today’s technology-driven world, staying connected is easier than ever. Instead of sitting at a desk from 9 AM to 5 PM, the modern work environment is dynamic and ever-changing, with employees working from the office, home, and around the world.

The increased flexibility of traditional employment can be beneficial for both workers and businesses alike, but it does open the door for unique technology issues. While some companies provide all devices employees need, like laptops and cell phones, this isn’t universal. Many companies rely on employees using their own devices and, in some cases, employees prefer using their own devices, too.

There’s nothing wrong with using personal devices for work purposes, but doing so without proper precautions can put your whole company at risk. When you want a BYOD policy that achieves continuity goals while keeping data safe, Shock I.T. Support can help you get there. From different operating systems to corporate apps, we can create a BYOD management platform that meets your objectives without compromising functionality. With our help, you can find a solution that’s a win-win both your businesses and your employees.

Creating the Perfect BYOD Plan

Bring Your Own Device options for technology is a very popular option. From a business perspective, choosing this kind of option can reduce spending on technological assets. From an employee one, BYOD eliminates the stress of carrying around two devices as well as learning how to use new operating systems or features.

However, an effective policy goes a lot further than simply letting employees bring their own devices to work. From safety and security features to applications to facilitate functionality, BYOD management requires a customized plan fine-tuned to your business. No matter the features that mean the most to you, Shock I.T. Support will help you get there. Our multi-pronged approach takes into account the key aspects of a successful BYOD plan, including:

  • Deciding approved devices and operating systems
  • Developing security and data ownership policies
  • Determining IT support levels provided to personal devices

When you choose Shock I.T. Support for your BYOD management services, we’ll be your partner every step of the way. To start the process, we’ll meet one-on-one to review your technology needs, discussing your goals, objectives, potential concerns, and support requirements to make sure the outcome fully aligns with what you have in mind.

Devices and Operating Systems

Smartphones, tablets, and computers are available across myriad platforms and providers, creating plenty of options from which modern consumers can choose.

As a company with BYOD policies, however, it’s up to you to determine which operating systems or devices fit best with your virtual environments. Some companies prefer one provider over another, or use apps that are ideal with a particular OS. How you choose to handle this is up to you in order to meet the unique needs of your business.

From iPhone to Android, Mac to Windows, we can help you create a management plan that maximizes the available platform options to best suit your corporate objectives. Our experts know the capabilities and limitations of choosing a single OS versus the potential expense of a broader policy, guaranteeing you the information you need to find the right fit.

Security and Data Management

Security and data management are generally top priorities in launching a BYOD policy. Without measures to account for lost, stolen, or compromised devices, hacking and malware, or vulnerabilities from using public or unsecured wireless networks, you can be putting your valuable data at risk.

We are experts at data management best practices, utilizing cutting-edge techniques, from virtual private networks (VPNs) to enterprise mobility management (EMMs) to control and secure business data at all time. By focusing on your priorities, we can assist you with:

  • Remote device management, including wiping data under extreme circumstances
  • Creation of organization-specific apps for control of data access
  • Implementation of VPNs and EMMs to best manage access
  • Control of which employees have access to specific apps and platforms

When you want to keep your information secure and protected, Shock I.T. Support is the best in the business.

IT Support Services

The extent to which IT support services are extended to BYOD users can vary greatly depending on many factors, from popularity of use to available IT resources. This can be a largely personal decision, but some level of IT support, particularly for apps and VPN access provided by your company, is generally recommended.

More comprehensive support may be a good idea for companies with very popular BYOD policies; if, for example, over 60% of workforce chooses to take advantage of your BYOD policy, you may want to offer more intensive IT support options. This can also be beneficial of your BYOD policy requires significant use of various management apps that could cause user issues.

Not sure where to start? Not a problem. Whether you simply need input or require full-service management support, Shock I.T. Support can meet your needs.