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Cloud Security in New Jersey & PhiladelphiaGet the Support You Need

When you want to protect your business, Shock I.T. Support can help you find the right path forward. With extensive services that can be customized to your business, we can create a plan that works with everything from your risk tolerance to your budget.

Cybercrime is an expensive and challenging issue for companies of all sizes. When you want to reduce the threat of cyber attacks with defenses you can trust, our team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your cloud security requirements.

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In a world where the damages from cybercrime are expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021, security is absolutely essential to keeping cloud-based operations protected. Without adequate security, cloud services are vulnerable to attacks that can cause consequences ranging from financial losses to compromised customer data.

When you want to keep proprietary business information, financial records, personal customer details, and database access safe and secure, the right cloud security services are essential. With assistance from Shock I.T. Support, you can be sure your cloud computing resources are always under lock and key. We are happy to partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes to offer a customized and collaborative security environment that ticks every box.

What Are Cloud Security Services?

Cloud security services are tools designed to secure a cloud environment, creating a proactive resource that works to detect warning signs in advance of a problem while striving to mitigate damage when issues arise. From comprehensive monitoring to active management, the right approach to security can save you time, money, and energy in the course of safeguarding your business.

At Shock I.T. Support, we favor a multi-pronged approach that can maximize the protection you receive in a way that’s ideal for your own unique needs. Our services fall under a few key categories, providing comprehensive support across a spectrum of IT services.

Strategy and Risk Services

Both level of protection and permissible risk tolerance can vary greatly from one business to another. Maybe you have a good idea of what makes the most sense for you, or maybe you aren’t sure where to start. Regardless, Shock I.T. Support can help you find your fit.

We help clients assess their specific security needs as well as the amount of risk they are willing to tolerate based on everything from data use to budget. Together, we can come up with an individualized strategy that can accommodate business priorities, preferred areas of focus, and corporate objectives. Our services are flexible and fluid, allowing us to adapt as business needs grow and change.

Infrastructure and Application Security

While data storage is a primary focus for many businesses interested in cloud-based security measures, there are other elements of computing that may need to be incorporated into a security strategy. Companies that use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms or who host applications in the cloud may require additional security measures.

Our cloud security services are designed to encompass your whole cloud setup, regardless of how your business employs cloud-based resources. From protecting your infrastructure to helping you design, develop, and deploy applications in the cloud, we can help you make sure every online avenue you utilize is safe and secure.

Access Management and Identity Verification

One of the most common sources for cyber attacks lies at the access point: where users log in and out of a system. Everything from poor password protection to phishing sites can compromise security, leaving your resources vulnerable every time an employee logs in for work.

With access management and identity verification tools, we can tighten the security at your proverbial front door, devising ways to strengthen limitations to cloud access as well as heightened identity verification requirements. With processes and tools that can centralize and streamline access to your databases, software applications, platforms, and infrastructure, we can bolster your defenses like never before.

Data Backups and Defensive Solutions

Preserving your data is a big part of ensuring ongoing operations, even if something interrupts the normal course of business. As a part of your security solutions, we can help you determine migration strategies, backup processes, backup storage, and data restoration options to prevent an interruption to your business.

We realize that data demands differ between companies, which is why we can implement the tools and techniques right for you. From hourly automated backups to weekly manual ones, there’s an ideal solution available for every business with help from Shock I.T. Support.

Secure Growth Strategies

If growth is a priority for your business, Shock I.T. Support can be by your side through it all. We know that security needs can grow and change as you do, which is why we provide flexible opportunities to stay secure as you expand size, scale, products, and services.

When it comes time to add new operations, increase cloud users, introduce new software products, or anything else involved in your growth, we can be the resource you need. As your partner, we can help guide the decision-making process surrounding cloud security at every turn, ensuring every element of your evolving business is as protected as possible.