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Resolve Slow Internet & Spotty WiFi with Customized Wireless Network Design

If your wireless network is inappropriately designed, outdated, or malfunctioning, your business is bound to experience:

  • Limited company mobility
  • Slow, interrupted, or nonexistent Wi-Fi service
  • Stymied data scalability and security

Instead of enduring the inconveniences and negative consequences of inflexible and inefficient wireless network, bring in the I.T. specialists at Shock I.T. Support to conduct a free network assessment and redesign your existing wireless network or design a new one for a more successful work environment and business.

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Professional Wireless Network Design Services for a Better Connection

We do not need to tell you how essential your wireless network is to the day-to-day and long-term functioning of your business, so why deal with a network that does you no favors? Our I.T. experts have significant experience designing and redesigning wireless networks and can use their expertise to do the same for your business. Call Shock I.T. Support today for a free network assessment wherein our specialists will assess your infrastructure, determine current security risks, develop a plan for your company’s revamped wireless network.

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10 Factors To Consider When Hiring An I.T. Company

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Wireless networks can make or break a business. Don’t believe it? Think about how much of your business you conduct online. Everything from shipping and receiving to banking and cloud storage: Your wireless network is, essentially, your lifeblood!

Give Your Bucks County Business A Serious Advantage with Our Custom Wireless Network Design Service

The functionality of your Wi-Fi network is vital to the success of your business. Whether you are setting up a new office or are having wireless problems, such as loss of network or range issues, you need a customized wireless network design. And if you are operating using a slow or unsecured network, you are leaving your business vulnerable to cyber-attacks, lost data, and, at the very least, reduced productivity across the board. This can all be avoided, however, by partnering with Shock I.T. Support’s team of experts to enhance your wireless security.

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Before developing a customized network design service for your company in Bucks County, Philadelphia, or South Jersey, we conduct a full network audit to analyze each of the following aspects of your wireless network as it stands:

  • Network Accessibility
  • Guest & Visitor Access
  • Number of Anticipated Network Users
  • Number of Devices Used (mobile, tablet, laptops, etc.)
  • Roaming & User Mobility
  • Future Scalability
  • Security and Efficiency 

Building Adaptive Networks for the Future

Our team builds wireless networks top to bottom with the understanding that technology is in a constant state of change. For that reason, we design all networks to be reliable and adaptable to the changing technological landscape, including the ability to integrate new platforms and applications. Our complete range of wireless network design services includes:

  • Identifying Signal Strength & Potential Dead Zones
  • Wireless Security Monitoring
  • Custom LAN Solutions for Automation
  • Manual Identification & Troubleshooting for Infrastructure Vulnerability

Implementing these wireless network development strategies via collaboration with your staff allows our team of tech experts to provide the best possible LAN  solutions, crafted to suit the specific needs of your small to midsize company in the Greater Philadelphia area or Central New Jersey

Faster Speed Fosters Growth

When you choose to partner with Shock I.T. Support, you are ultimately investing in the future success of your business. By revitalizing your wireless network for optimal speed and security, you will see improvements almost immediately. Not only do everyday tasks get completed with less obstruction from your network, but you will be able to synchronize your entire Bucks County or New Jersey business. These LAN solutions will drastically improve overall productivity, not to mention bolstering security against hacks, malware, and viruses. 

A Complete Approach to Network Design

No one wants to be tied to their desk all day. With a comprehensive wireless network design, you’ll be able to roam freely throughout your Central or South Jersey office and still be able to use devices like cell phones, laptops, or tablets with ease. Whether you need to take a meeting in a conference room or collaborate with a coworker on the other side of the office, you’ll always have a fast, reliable connection. 

By determining the optimal network design, we begin the implementation process of installing all necessary platforms and applications, including:

Five Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Wireless Network Design Services

  1. Can we have an extra network for our guests?

Yes. We can optimize a second, secure wireless network for your guests that allows them access to your internet without network access.

  1. Is it possible to make my internet never fail?

By implementing internet failover systems, we can make sure that if your primary network goes down, you’ll always have a reliable backup ISP, LG, or 4G network to keep your company running at max capacity.

  1. Can you keep my network up and running all of the time?

As we mentioned above, by implementing an internet failover system as well as a battery backup, we can limit your wireless network’s downtime, getting you up and running after a storm or local power outage. 

  1. How far will my wireless network reach?

Your wireless network can reach all throughout your office, depending on your setup and the number of access points you have available for your system. Generally speaking, the more access points, the better and stronger the signal.

  1. Can you increase the performance of my wireless network?

We can optimize the performance of your wireless network by assessing the location of access points, the proximity to obstructive structures that limit signal (such as brick walls), and the possible interference of other networks. By identifying these issues, we can actively troubleshoot and implement techniques that will boost your network’s performance. 

Helping Technology Work for You

Investing in a truly optimal Wi-Fi network puts you in the best position for success. By allowing you to keep pace and adapt to new technology, Shock I.T. Support provides our partners with the opportunity to outperform the competition and experience growth that would otherwise be impossible without an adequate network. 

Contact Shock I.T. Support today to get the fast, secure network you need to excel.