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Protect Your Law Firm With Integrated I.T. Solutions

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We will defend your data so you can defend your clients

Don’t let an attack damage all the work you’ve put into your law firm. The I.T. experts at Shock I.T. Support can provide around-the-clock protection and support for your practice in the Greater Philadelphia area. As a law firm, your clients trust you with their personal information. Don’t let a data breach damage your reputation.

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No Hidden Fees

With our team at your side, you’ll receive comprehensive I.T. support for one flat monthly rate. Our managed I.T. support offers services like:

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  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Proactive Network Protection
  • Integrated Cloud Solutions
  • Advanced Cybersecurity
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring

Your Contingency Plan

An old I.T. network puts you at risk of a data breach. Every day, cybercriminals target outdated systems in an attempt to hijack valuable information. If this happens to you, you may permanently lose access to critical files and client information. To protect against this, your managed I.T. solutions come with regular data backups included in the flat, monthly rate, so in the event of a security breach, your files remain safe and recoverable.

Proactive Protection
With Shock I.T. Support, your network will always be equipped with the latest equipment and software to protect against potential online threats.

  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus Software
  • Malware Protection
  • Secured lines of communication
  • Sensitive data encryption

As technology advances, so do malicious cybercrime techniques. Stay a step ahead and protect yourself and your clients from damaging virus attacks and ransomware.

Next Level Collaboration
With the development of the cloud, businesses can share information securely and collaborate like never before. For law firms with multiple locations, cloud services can increase productivity and provide secure channels for file-sharing. We offer a range of cloud-management services including:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Security
  • Backup & Support
  • Server Support
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery

Achieve higher productivity and organization than ever before with cloud solutions that work for your firm.

Keeping The Bad Guys Out
A solid infrastructure is the best defense against a cyberattack. When you team up with Shock I.T. Support, our I.T. specialists equip you with the latest programs and applications to protect your network from hackers, viruses, and damaging software. We make sure your system is always up-to-date with the most recent updates available to maintain the highest level of protection at all times.

In fact, safeguarding your critical and sensitive client information is crucial for protecting them, and your business. We have the industry experience and trusted name to effectively secure the personal data of your clients. Not only is this advantageous to your business, but it allows you to adhere to the legal and ethical considerations of running a law firm.

Get Your Work Done, Anytime, Anywhere
Additionally, we know that your work doesn’t always take place in your office. It can happen at the courthouse, during a coffee break, during a client meeting, or anywhere else. Having a reliable VPN network brings you into the digital age and ensures the absolute security for your cases, clients, and wifi connections, regardless of your device or platform. Get your work done on your time, wherever you are, with a VPN you can depend on.

Always Working For You
We monitor your network around-the-clock to ensure your systems are always online and protected. We provide 24/7 support and to-the-minute security updates to prevent a consequential lapse in protection. We take pride in delivering fast and efficient customer support, so if you do suffer any network issues, one of our reliable technicians will get you back online with minimal downtime.

Are You Protected?
With I.T. solutions from Shock I.T. Support, you can rest easy knowing your network is secure from any potential threats. Protecting your law firm’s network has never been easier. For more information on how to receive a free network, contact us today.