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Get I.T. Support to Protect Your eCommerce Business

A network issue or a breach in cybersecurity can be catastrophic for an eCommerce business. That’s why you need an I.T. support team in your corner who knows how to get you up and running quickly — and how to avoid common tech mistakes that put your business at risk. The experts at Shock I.T. Support will protect your business 24/7 without breaking your budget.

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Skip the Sticker Shock

Skip the Sticker Shock

We work with you to choose the reliable, to-the-minute I.T. services that your online business needs the most. Whether you sign up for managed I.T. services at a flat monthly rate or another I.T. support plan, we offer fully transparent pricing, because the last thing you need is a large, unexpected bill.

Protect Your Customers

Your online customers trust you with their sensitive information when they visit your eCommerce website. Don’t be one more retail company who let them down and allowed cybercriminals to steal their private data. The team at Shock I.T. Support will implement strategies to keep your business (and your customers) safe from outside threats.

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  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus Software
  • Malware Protection
  • Secured lines of communication
  • Sensitive data encryption

We will build a strong network infrastructure that protects you from hackers and malware, and if disaster strikes, our I.T. support team will work tirelessly to get your eCommerce site back to normal.

First Backup, Then Move Forward
Our flat monthly rate includes data backup solutions. With reliable backup systems in place, you will never have to worry about losing essential inventory data or other valuable information. For added protection, we can also set up a cloud-management service for your eCommerce business that provides:

  • Storage
  • Security
  • Backup & Support
  • Server Support
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery

Our cloud solutions also make it easy for you and your employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection. If you are attending a conference, away on a vacation, or home for the evening, you can effortlessly access your business’s files.

I.T. Issues Don’t Wait for Regular Business Hours
Your eCommerce website never closes, so we will always provide the support you need with our 24/7 security monitoring. We offer fast, efficient solutions to stop ransomware, data loss, network failure, and other threats to your eCommerce business.

We’ll Back You Up
With Shock I.T. Support’s tech experts backing your business, you can have confidence that your eCommerce website and internal network are running correctly. To start protecting your business, contact us today to schedule a free network assessment.