The Independence Day weekend that just passed will likely go down as being the strangest one in recent memory, with many feeling the real weight of social distancing and the isolation of life during a pandemic – thank you, Coronavirus. Here in Pennsylvania, the purchase of fireworks is legal – although the use of them falls into several grey areas – so we’re accustomed to uncountable “street displays” in addition to the tax-funded displays in almost every town. However, with the cancellation of most local shows, there were significantly more street displays than in years past. Perhaps you noticed this as well?

Assuming you answered to the affirmative, you probably also noticed the result of all these extracurricular activities. The news broadcasts in the days to follow were overflowing with more than its fair share of stories & videos regarding structural fires and bodily injuries & even a handful of tragic deaths. Naturally, almost every one of these calamities received direct attribution to inexperienced users igniting explosive devices in densely-populated urban spaces. And without fail, every one of those stories concluded with a shortlist of the dos & don’ts pointers for amateur fireworks users, and a friendly reminder that some things best belong in the capable hands of professionals. 

That lesson, regarding amateurs attempting to do things that are best suited to the trained & experienced professionals, directly correlates to the technology that virtually every business relies upon today. For most employees, the understanding of what technology makes their company run doesn’t go much past the computer & screen on their desks; and to perform their specific job functions, that is usually sufficient. What they don’t possess is the depth of understanding regarding everything it takes to make that workstation function and keeps it running smoothly and safely. The responsibility for ensuring the continued functionality of their systems, and the security of data, fall into the hands of their companies Internet Technology, or I.T., support team or individual. Unfortunately, most small & medium-sized companies do not have the resources to maintain a dedicated in-house I.T. department. And, many who claim to have one are merely depending on the person in the office that “knows more about these things than everyone else.” But let’s be honest: The harsh reality is that the aforementioned “know-it-all” is just an amateur – yet one entrusted with the responsibilities that only the very best of today’s most experienced professionals should be addressing. 

That’s where Shock I.T. Support comes in: With our origins going back almost 35 years, we have been in the I.T. business since before there was an I.T. industry. Shock I.T. Support has been designing, installing, and managing hardware, software, and networking issues & needs since before the days when those terms become common vernacular. Shock I.T. has been offering data backup and systems protection services from the time before it had the name cybersecurity. Best of all, the list of Shock I.T.’s tech-related services keeps going, and growing, as the next generation of technology – and threats to that technology – develop, so do our capabilities.

With a resume that long & deep, it would be easy to rest on our laurels and say, “that’s enough,” but that’s not the Shock I.T. way of doing things – never has been, and never will. Taking everything that already places us near the pinnacle of the I.T. Industry, and elevated it to a whole new level:

Services & Support for Every business size: As we have from our start, we will continue to work with and for every size of organization or company, from some of the largest international corporations down to your local family-owned business. 

Services & Support for Every business budget & need: We offer options of support to best fit within your companies boundaries. You may wish to start with our simple “break/fix” service agreement where, as the name implies, if it breaks, pick up a phone and call us, and we’ll figure out how to fix it. Others may wish to take a more proactive approach with our “Managed Services Agreement.” We will monitor, maintain & secure your systems before a problem arises, and quickly identify & rectify any unforeseen issues when & if they should surface. Best of all, all of our service levels have flexible-length terms, for those just looking for a temporary solution and those preferring the comfort of a longer-term commitment. 

Outsourcing? Try our Insourcing: The days & night of calling a “tech support” line with absolute dread in your hearts & minds, because fear lengthy on-hold times, or speaking with someone ½ way around the world who does speak English but with a hard-to-understand accent; and all-too-often is unable to offer you the fix you need, and is unable to come to your location. Shock I.T.’s tech support operators based right here in the United States, with many being based right here in the Delaware Valley. If they can’t resolve your issues remotely, we have onsite tech support to come to your location with just a few minutes’ notice!

These are just a few of the many advantages to pairing your business’s I.T. needs with Shock I.T. Support. Our very purpose for being is synchronous with your business goals:Increase your productivity, protect your business, and better position yourself for growth & profitability.