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Network Protection Services in New Jersey & Philadelphia – Keeping Your Business Running Smoothly

Protecting your network may not be as straightforward as it sounds, especially when it comes to keeping up with best practices in a rapidly evolving space. That’s where we come in. Shock I.T. Support can help you safeguard your network, protecting everything from the security of your data to your proprietary email transmissions. Whether you simply want a little advice on your current setup or you are looking for someone to handle the hard part for you, there’s nothing our team can’t do to keep you safe.

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A world without cybercrime would be ideal, but unfortunately, there’s no stopping the rising trend in online attacks from malicious sources. In order to keep your business as protected as possible, comprehensive protection services that cover every aspect of your company are extremely important – and that includes your business network.

Why Network Protection Services?

If you handle any kind of business virtually, from email to data storage, your business network can be a serious source of vulnerability. Penetrating your network can open you up to all kinds of problems – just ask Target, Yahoo!, and Uber, all of whom experienced very public and problematic network breaches that resulted in very costly consequences.

Instead of crossing your fingers that no bad comes to your business, Shock I.T. Support can help you protect every component of your network connection, from your computers and mobile phones to routers and servers.

With our services, you can reap benefits that will help you:

Avoid Business Interruption

When network problems arise, your routine business activities can effectively be stopped in their tracks. With no way to connect to servers, reach email inboxes, or even operate a POS that is running on your network in a sales situation, doing business as normal becomes a major challenge. Instead of letting network vulnerabilities cost you time and money, proper network security can keep your business running smoothly, allowing you to meet deadlines, delivery quality products and services, and keep your customers happy.

Prevent Data Loss

Loss of data from network breaches can be a major problem. The loss of important files, records, and accounts can mean an inability to continue doing business on a day to day basis, including potentially letting down customers or costing yourself time and money trying to rebuild systems. With network protection services, you can keep yourself safe from attack and prevent against the kind of data loss that can ruin your reputation and lose you business.

Keep Email Transmissions Secure

For most businesses, emails are a primary source of communication. While many emails are benign, some will contain important and proprietary information that should stay confidential within your company. Unfortunately, email security breaches can be a prime way for criminals to fine-tune phishing attacks. By using personal and company data retrieved from emails, cyber criminals can send phishing emails specific enough to trick almost anyone. Email security applications can control the flow of information, blocking potential attacks and controlling outbound messaging to prevent against loss.

How We Can Help

When you want to keep your company as safe as possible, the Shock I.T. Support team is perfectly positioned to help. We are highly experienced in all facets of cybersecurity, providing the expertise you need to keep your business protected.

First, we’ll evaluate your current security measures, like firewalls, data backup procedures, and antivirus software, to make sure it’s up to par with current industry standards. If it isn’t, we’ll help you choose better products and services that align with your goals for network protection. Then, we’ll use tools like Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) as well as basic safety measures like two-factor authentication to create a custom environment that can ensure no potential threat slips through our protective measures.

As your organization grows and changes, we can work with you to make sure an expanding headcount or increasing range of services don’t leave you unprotected. Our solutions are meant to be scalable and flexible, moving with you as your needs evolve. As industry best practices develop, we can use new innovations to continually update the systems you have in place as well, ensuring that out of date techniques don’t leave you open to an unforeseen attack.

In a world where cyber attacks are a real and continually growing threat, you want all of the help possible to keep your business moving forward. With network protection services from Shock I.T. Support, you can be sure your security is in the best possible hands. Contact us today for assistance with your New Jersey or Philadelphia business and see what we have to offer.