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Office WiFi Setup Services in New Jersey & Philadelphia – WiFi That Fits Your Business Needs

When you want an office WiFi network setup that works for you, Shock I.T. Support can help you find the right fit. We know what it takes to find your perfect approach to network management, partnering with you to identify business goals and growth objectives to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

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In a modern office, there are few resources more important than wireless internet. Regardless of workplace size or scale, running ethernet cables around a cubicle farm or through a store simply isn’t practical. WiFi makes it easy to stay online, keeping computers and mobile devices connected to your corporate network at all times.

However, setting up an office WiFi network isn’t as easy as a home setup. From security to speed, the wrong ISP or plan can make it hard to accomplish anything. An unsecured network can be easily breached, while inadequate speeds can stand in the way of accessing cloud-based drives or even properly completing a customer’s transaction.

Keep Your Office Connected

When you want to be sure WiFi is available to all of your employees across your office, nothing is more important than the right network setup. If you’re not sure what that means or how to get there, that’s okay – Shock I.T. Support can do the hard part for you.

On-Site Needs Assessment and Analysis

First, we’ll evaluate your space and determine whether a standard router will do the job for you, or whether you’ll need an one or more access points. For a small space with limited connectivity needs, a powerful router may be enough to handle your in-house requirements. However, a larger space may require an access points or even multiple access points to ensure a dependable connection. If the latter is the case, we can perform a simple site survey to help determine where best to place access points to create an expansive and accessible network.

Regardless of the setup you need, we’ll also help you pick the right cabling to keep your devices connected and organized. This includes helping you choose ethernet cables that are ideal for your devices in case some things need to be hardwired to your modem or any of your access points.

Speed and Bandwidth

Once we have a setup in place that best serves your whole workspace, we’ll help you choose the ideal speed to accomplish day-to-day tasks. If you have a few computers and a POS system, you’ll likely require less than a company with hundreds of devices used around the clock. The more powerful the network, the more expensive, so we can walk you through the benefits and consequences of varying speeds and service packages. We can also discuss your internet service provider options to pick the best and most dependable name serving your area.

Safety and Security Measures

After your network is in place, we’ll help you set up the proper firewall and implement other cutting-edge security measures. A business network needs to be far more secure than a public WiFi network or even a home network, so our pros will take advantage of best-in-class protection to improve network security and reduce the risk of breaches. This includes allowing all employees to have their own unique log-ins to your network to track activity and manage access.

For companies that cater to customers or occasionally welcome guests into the office, guest access to a wireless network can also be a benefit. This can take the form of a public network anyone in the area can access or a private network that requires a guest password. We can work with you to implement a solution that works for you to keep your business data protected while offering web access to visitors to your facility.

Help for Your Wireless Internet

Having connection issues? Need more bandwidth than is currently available? No problem. We know that issues with wireless internet can arise, and that business needs can change in time. Instead of doing the setup and leaving you to handle the rest, we’ll always be available when you call to assist with everything from basic troubleshooting to providing the tools you need to keep your network operating at peak performance.

When you want to be sure your office WiFi network setup can support your business needs, no one can help like we can. The wireless internet experts at Shock I.T. Support can help you choose a solution that’s right for you and manage the implementation process. From a single computer to dozens of employees and their devices, we can ensure your WiFi network is up for anything. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help New Jersey and Philadelphia businesses!