Among the many quantifiable measures of “success” is the personal & professional character it can generate in an individual and an organization. Reaching a certain level of achievement is honor enough in itself for far too many. They rarely share their rewards with anyone other than those within their immediate circle – and sometimes, not even them! Lucky for us all, there are a select few who remember their previous lives, before achieving real success – and now see their position as an opportunity to “pay it forward” by giving back by helping those who are not benefiting from the same good fortune they might be. These transactions rarely offer any monetary returns on their investments; the best remuneration they can hope to receive is having done a “good deed.” Doing the “right thing” with the hopes that if put in a similar situation where they, in turn, can do something good for someone else in need, they will remember this occasion as an example-setter and guide themselves accordingly. 

One such person who believes in the power of paying it forward is Scott Fcasni, Co-Founder & President of Shock I.T. Support. Scott knows the long road to success; his journey began with providing software installations & home computer repair for friends & family as a teenager. It was a long road from that start to launching & growing his Company into one of S.E. Pennsylvania’s leading providers of Computer Software & I.T. Support Services. That journey taught Scott many valuable lessons about life and the world; among them, he is never to forget that many others were less fortunate than he was. Living by that lesson, he knew that every little bit he could provide to help them through their times of trouble would make a difference in their lives. 

In that light, it’s no surprise that Scott and Shock I.T. Support recently donated ten brand-new Google Chromebooks to Laurel House in East Norriton, PA. Since 1980, Laurel House has dedicated itself to providing crisis intervention, haven, supportive services & resources to domestic violence victims in our region. Many of the women & children they assist arrive on their doorstep with little more than the clothes on their backs, and as such, require almost everything we take for granted to help them re-establish their lives. As a non-profit organization, Laurel House relies heavily on donations from the community at large. Those donations can range from clothing to personal effects – and for life in our times, computers are an invaluable resource. For everything from searching for a source of employment & income to more permanent housing solutions, to not have Internet access would significantly restrict the ability for rising above & beyond the situations that led to their arriving at Laurel House in the first place. 

Scott, and by extension Shock I.T. Support, know all too well the importance of technology, and having access to it, in today’s society, so it made perfect sense to help bring these two worlds together in this manner. While it may take some time to calculate the long-term benefits achieved through this donation, by the ear-to-ear smiles seen on both the recipients and donors, one could easily judge the short-term rewards – and who can put a price on that?
To make a donation of your own to Laurel House please visit today and be sure to contact our I.T. experts today for a free network audit.