Not your Average Help Desk

There once was a time where the need for full-time technical support services was mostly limited to larger multinational and multi-location corporations. As these businesses often have hundreds or thousands of employees, millions of dollars invested in technology hardware and software, and a database rich with client & privileged company information, the value of which could approach “priceless,” there was no other choice. For businesses like these, any slow-downs or shut-downs of their total processing capabilities might translate into losses equal to thousands or even millions of dollars. Therefore, the financial investment into hiring dedicated Internet Technology (I.T.) personnel made sense, as in “common sense,” and cents, as in “dollars and cents.” 

On the other side of the business spectrum was the majority of small & medium-sized businesses, with just a single location and employees that often doubled as “family members” after business hours ended. For these companies, their “technology infrastructure” usually consisted of a handful of computers/workstations, possibly networked to a central server for increased processing & storage capabilities, a shared combination printer/scanner/fax machine, and not much more. As such, the one employee who knew more about “computer stuff” than everyone else would commonly double as the “in-house I.T. expert,” and when something went wrong, they were tasked with making it right. Sometimes the fix was simple, but more often than not, they knew they could “phone a friend” for assistance and get the matter resolved.


However, as technology continues to evolve & become increasingly complicated, an entirely new level of knowledge is required beyond the basic “computer stuff.” This advancement forces almost every business owner to make a decision. Option “A” is to hire a full-time dedicated I.T. person, and carry that additional salary themselves. With an average “I.T. Professional” salary of $62,571 (USD) in 2020, this investment is a hefty burden for many small & medium-sized businesses to cost-justify.

Option “B” is to “outsource” their I.T. support needs to a dedicated I.T. Support agency, and choose to either pay them on an “as-needed” basis when something goes wrong, or pay a monthly or annual fee for “anytime” support services. It seems that most businesses in this situation have chosen to go with Option B. That selection is mirrored worldwide, because, in 2019, the global I.T. services outsourcing market size was valued at (USD) $520.74 billion, and expects to grow at an average of 7.7% from 2020 to 2027.

I.T. support services generally fall into two categories: A “help desk,” which can be useful to resolve basic problems, and “tech support,” which tends to require more in-depth training and knowledge. No matter what name any of us call it by, the need for “help desk services” are a critical part of keeping any business up and running. Even the best equipment and the best training can’t mitigate all issues; sooner or later, computers will break, networks will crash, and employees will have questions they can’t find the answers alone.

An effective approach to I.T. support can minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and eliminate costly time offline. However, finding the right I.T. resources isn’t always as easy as it sounds, as it requires I.T. professionals who are essentially jacks of all trade. They need to be excellent with all devices, proficient across operating systems, and experts with your team’s software.

However, as many small businesses know, finding a pro who meets all needs can be a costly and laborious venture. With tight budgets and potential restrictions based on location, the ideal I.T. resources can be hard to find. That’s where SHOCK I.T. Support comes in. SHOCK’s I.T. help desk & support services can provide you with the assistance you need without the steep overhead costs associated with in-house hiring. From equipment issues to software struggles, we can and will stand by your side through it all. Whether you need temporary assistance or around-the-clock support, Shock I.T. Support can always offer the right fit for you.

Help Desk & Technical Support Services

At Shock I.T. Support, we know that help desk services come in all shapes and sizes and that what is essential for one company isn’t necessarily valuable for another. That’s why we put together an experienced team of I.T. professionals and can offer a wide variety of customizable options to the ideal package for your team. Our services include:

  • Access to a US-based technical support team knowledgeable with the ins and outs of your business, your equipment, and the tools you use
  • Full-time coverage and monitoring based on your service schedule
  • Live online desktop support and chat capabilities
  • Comprehensive ticket tracking and reporting tools
  • Multi-technology support tickets
  • Option shared control with in-house tech resources
  • On-site escalation avenues of severe challenges that remote services are unable to resolve
  • Customer satisfaction surveys employed to aid in the identification of pain points to create the best solutions

We know that every business, and the teams within, have varying needs. Some may require assistance after-hours when in-house teams are no longer available, while others may prefer comprehensive coverage. No matter your ideal vision of help desk services, we’ve got the IT solutions you need, and we will put together the right plan for your business.

Why Outsource Your Business’s Help Desk & Technical Support Service Needs?

Choosing a third-party provider can be an excellent way to meet your help desk needs, no matter your industry, the scale of your business, or your budget. Partnering with a third party can provide many benefits, alleviating your in-house employees’ pressure while helping you save on hiring costs.

  • Reduced Overhead: Paying a full-time employee can be costly. From payroll taxes to employee benefits, a lot goes into keeping someone on staff. Outsourced resources eliminate these costs, letting you pay simply for the services you need and nothing more.
  • No Training Expenses: Even the best help desk employees need some training on your in-office practices, taking away focus time from more important functions. An outsourced team will handle their training, freeing up your time for more critical day-to-day tasks.
  • Expanded coverage: A single in-house I.T. help desk professional can be a benefit, but when this individual is out of the office or otherwise indisposed, cracks start to form. With a full team of professionals available on-demand, there’s always someone on hand to assist when you need it most.
  • Optimized tools and reporting: For a small company, investing in costly reporting and monitoring tools usually isn’t a high priority. Unfortunately, this can leave gaps in the efficiency of a help desk team. A large outsourced team serving many different companies can leverage more comprehensive resources, improving the caliber of services offered, and reporting avenues available.

Whether you need backup support on occasion or want to outsource your entire I.T. help desk services, Shock I.T. Support can keep you covered. From a single service to comprehensive customized care, there’s nothing we can’t do for you.

Get the I.T. Help Your Business Needs Today

When your business needs the assistance of an experienced I.T. help desk & technical support services agency for your New Jersey or Philadelphia business, Shock I.T. Support will make a difference for you and your team. We’re pros in the outsourced I.T. services space, working with you to keep your business covered in an affordable, effective, and personalized way. Contact us today for a custom, scaled-for-your-business quote and learn more about what our I.T. help desk & technical support services can do for you.