Perhaps there is an association between the current social distancing & “safer at home” mandates imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the substantial proliferation of eCommerce and cloud-based services available via website or cellphone app. While the convenience & safety factors of remote access have led to a rapid increase in the older generation’s adoption, the younger generations have been milking these shortcuts almost since birth. Further proof of this reality merely requires observation of any group of younger people in the Philadelphia & Central Jersey region – when health & safety conditions are more conducive to this simple act we once took for granted. No longer are the eyes, and attention, taking in what is going on around them; instead, they focus only on the 5″ screen in their hands, and their “world” consists of whatever content is coming through the numerous apps they have open at the moment.

Yes, the technology that powers the internet and all web-based services are everywhere; it has been for at least all of the 21st century and will continue to grow at an exponential rate well into the future. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise to those familiar with Internet Technology (IT)  the results of a recent survey regarding what will be most in-demand skillsets for those entering the workforce or already within it. The talents most consistently at or near the top of every list related to IT solutions, managed services, and cloud-based support. A specific trait for each that topped the list was towards those that can be performed remotely.

The survey, conducted by NPower, asked 75 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) & IT experts from several business sectors for their opinions on a variety of tech-related topics. When asked what specific skills they considered to be more desirable & valuable, almost 75% categorized remote IT skills as “very important.” In particular relevance to the expectations that many will opt to “e-Commute,” meaning to work remotely rather than in a traditional office environment, other skills deemed as “very important” or “extremely important” included cloud support IT roles (90%) and cybersecurity workers (98%). 

The world around us has been growing smaller & more accessible for many years, thanks to the internet and the expansion of all IT-related things. However, the coronavirus’s immediate effects have put a speed bump in the middle of that virtual superhighway forward. Luckily, efforts are being made to minimize the long-term impacts, and allow for personal & professional lives, and livelihoods, to benefit from doing things remotely. 

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