Would you mind sharing with the world your Mother’s maiden name? How about purchasing a billboard that declares in 10’ high characters the birth date of your first-born child? Care to let just about everybody know your favorite pet’s name? No? That’s too bad – because, for a vast majority of you, it’s already too late! Most of your “unique” password selections and the answers to your most commonly-chosen “account security” questions are far too easy for professional cyber thieves to figure out with little difficulty. And, to make matters all the worse, that information – which provides almost limitless access to your bank & financial accounts, among other things – is being bought & sold on the dark web, and seemingly daily! 

Your Company's Data is for Sale on the Dark Web.

A recent report published by a UK-based cybersecurity firm determined that there are more than 15,000,000,000 – that’s fifteen billion, with a “b” – stolen account credentials being bought and sold in various shady corners of the dark web – and this number keeps getting larger. There’s an estimated 100,000 individual company data breaches that have occurred in just the last two years – an increase of more than 300% in that time! 

If all of these facts were not disturbing enough, consider: As a likely result of the pandemic situation, many employees are now working from home – where their network firewalls & security are far from ideal – and accessing their businesses’ sensitive data. It is thought by many that the situation is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better. While you may not be able to take any direct steps to help protect your employer’s systems from being hacked, there are several steps you can take to help make your personal information more secure. 

For starters, most highly recommend that you do not use the same passwords for more than one account. Another step is to utilize the “two-factor authentication” that many businesses are using to protect themselves from outside intrusion. There are also some online tools available for you to use in determining if your email address – often the first step to many account logins -has been compromised. If your email address is on this list, it could be clear that things are about to go from bad to very bad for you quickly!

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